Candidate Experience! Good feedback is worth its weight in gold.

Candidate experience it's not just a phrase. The positive experiences coming from the recruitment process are the best reward for the recruiter’s hard work. Additionally, there is no better way to get free employer branding than as a result of positive feedback from a candidate. NO FEEDBACK = NO CANDIDATE! Check what are the benefits for the company in relation to a proper feedback process?

Rejected? Recharge!

What can be more frustrating, the phone rings after you have sent your resume, but the journey to securing your dream jobs ends after the first or second interview with the employer.  Maybe you get to the final stage to be beaten to the post by another candidate. “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

Odpadłeś? Powstań!

Uczucie frustracji, kiedy po wysłaniu CV, dzwoni telefon, ale dążenie do wymarzonej pracy kończy się po pierwszym, drugim spotkaniu z pracodawcą. Albo na ostatniej prostej przegrywamy z kontr-kandydatem. „(Od)padłeś, powstań… popraw koronę i zasuwaj”!

How NOT to get a job?

Today I would like to talk about the first steps every candidate needs to take. Resume (also known as a CV) preparation is a primary topic which candidates have a problem with. I am sure that the battle-hardened candidates amongst you, have read many ‘How to guides’ on Internet, maybe you have used one of the many websites that promises to create you the best resume/CV on the market or you are someone who just puts something together without any guidance. Of course, I am not saying every candidate is incapable of putting together a good resume/CV, however after many years in recruitment, I can still spot the usual mistakes, proving that there is still room for improvement and support on this subject.

Blog na Autor motywu: Anders Noren.

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