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Meeting with the students is an enjoyable experience, full of energy and full of inspiration. . Meeting in person rather than virtual can have a positive impact on the educational process compared to online sessions.  For the lecturers it is easier to gain the interaction and attention from the students. Nevertheless, while the times are special, we should not complain, just operate! Saying this I would like to thank again WSB University for the opportunity to organize the lecture and all of the participants (which applied more than 80 – wow! 😊), I would like to thank you for the energy – this time virtual. As promised, a few words about eBrand and how to use LinkedIn for this purpose.


Be yourself; everyone else is already taken Oscar Wilde.

Personal branding on social media

The objective for personal branding is not to influence once, but to be memorable over a longer period of time. Definitively it’s a long term project, where the key is to be coherent, consistent and awareness.


By definition personal branding is a widely understood marketing strategy, the practice of building your own brand based on the process sometimes lasting for years.

In the same time personal brand is the way we see ourselves. What makes us unique? What values we represent? How those around us, see us?

We can interpret the definition of personal brand in two ways. The way we perceive ourselves? The way we are perceived by others. Consequently, it is the sum of emotions, observations, opinions expressed by the recipients, or the environment in which we surround ourselves.


Your profile is where other people come to see you. The power of internet is huge and appears in every lifestyle area. What you should and shouldn’t do in an online world. How to build your own branding on the internet? E-Brand and whether building your professional profile online is now a must have in today’s world. You can read about the impact of social media and networking on job searching in my article Candidate, show yourself, be reliable. Personal branding in an online world.

LinkedIn usage

Very often, I hear that LinkedIn is a bit like Facebook but for business purposes. Whilst I may partially agree with that statement, I would however, be extra careful with connecting both platforms – for your own virtual safety 😊.


Nearly two decades ago, LinkedIn changed the way we viewed the job market. In the past, we all had a paper CV, now everything has moved over to the online world. LinkedIn is creating a space that connects three major groups of people:

  • Candidates, looking for a job,
  • Entrepreneurs with their own businesses,
  • Representatives from different companies, institutions, industries.

We should remember that LinkedIn cannot be treated in the same way as other social media portals. Here we shouldn’t publish pictures of our holidays, opinions about private lives, selfie with our pets for example. Here we should focus on building a network of contacts (not every time friends) for business purposes.


As LinkedIn is the favourite platform for HR people, also mine 😊, I can add that this portal can help you with:

  • Building a brand as a candidate.
  • Building a professional brand.
  • Building a company brand.
  • Establishing business contacts.
  • Creating new business opportunities.
  • Networking.

How to create successful profile on LinkedIn?

Be inspired by the best


To start off with, I would like to draw your attention to:

  • Professional photo
  • Your real name (no nicknames)
  • A catchy career summary
  • Contacts – build your network
  • Experience (with actual information)
  • Education
  • Endorsed skills
  • Recommendations
  • Join LinkedIn groups


LinkedIn in recruiter’s eye.

Below recruiter-premium functions review.


What recruiter may check on LinkedIn (and other social media)?

  • Headline.
  • Photo.
  • Career summary
  • Experience – employment periods, position, duties.
  • Verify experience with resume.
  • Education.
  • Competences (skills endorsement).
  • Other information (achievements).
  • Profile activity.

Why is it important to build personal branding on social media?

It’s not enough to just have a profile on the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, LinkedIn. The goal is to create a successful profile and to utilise these platforms in the most effective way. Build a profile in a way that shows off your e-branding in a positive way. That is how we are seen as being reliable.

  • The recruiter will find you easier and offer you a job.
  • You may get a lucrative proposal because someone will see your article, web page, learn about your freelance activities.
  • Your unique hobby will be appreciated and distinguish you from the others.
  • Your successes will be noticed, whether you show them online.
  • It will be easier will manage relationships with former employers and colleagues, recruiters or even just a friends.
  • You will build your brand as an expert when you start posting thoughts in forums, groups, commenting on articles.


How you can harm yourself on the internet?

  • When posting discriminatory content.
  • When publishing inappropriate photos and videos seen in public.
  • When writing attacks and hate speeches.
  • When wrongly using the rights of free speech.
  • When publishing pornographic content.
  • Etc., etc., etc.


Big thank you to my amazing peer Scott for his support and proofreading! 🙂


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