Candidate, show yourself, be reliable. Personal branding in an online world.

Your profile is where other people come to see you. The power of the internet is huge and appears in every lifestyle area. In the past, I was wrote about social media and networking and its impact on job searching and professional lives. Please review my blog posts.

Today, I would like to focus on what you should and shouldn’t do in an online world. How to build your own personal branding on the internet? What e-Brand is all about and whether building your professional profile online should be must?

Of course, Yes!

Recruitment professionals are facing everyday the lack of elementary social competences from candidates. This is why before they will sign any recommendation, verification of online life is normal. A few years ago, this would have sounded like pure science-fiction.

To make sure a candidate will be successful in a role, the recruiter may check your profile on Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media to review what content you’re posting. Is it necessary?


Again – Yes!

Declining skills are still very important in social life, like empathy, communication, flexibility, engagement, and maybe less social but still crucial – the willingness to work. Candidate’s don’t want to take random jobs. They will carefully select which interview and what company, which company will match their expectations. Clearly they don’t want to waste time on empty promises and to mince one’s words. This may create some anxiety in the recruiter eyes, therefore this way of invigilation (of profiles in social media) is happening. We never know whether the candidate will say the same financial expectations to the recruiter and then to the hiring manager. We don’t know if the candidate will show up on time to the scheduled interview or on their first day at work. Or maybe resign without a word.

What recruiters will be checking on social media?

  • Appearance and pictures (this visible in public profiles).
  • Posted content.
  • Published videos.
  • Education and experience.


Why is it important to build personal branding on social media?

It’s not enough to just have a profile on the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, LinkedIn. The goal is to create a successful profile and to utilise these platforms in the most effective way. Build a profile in a way that shows off your e-branding in a positive way. That is how we are seen as being reliable.

  • The recruiter will find you easier and offer you a job.
  • You may get a lucrative proposal because someone will see your article, web page, learn about your freelance activities.
  • Your unique hobby will be appreciated and distinguish you from the others.
  • Your successes will be noticed, whether you show them online.
  • It will be easier will manage relationships with former employers and colleagues, recruiters or even just a friends.
  • You will build your brand as an expert when you start posting thoughts in forums, groups, commenting on articles.


How you can harm yourself on the internet?

  • When posting discriminatory content.
  • When publishing inappropriate photos and videos seen in public.
  • When writing attacks and hate speeches.
  • When wrongly using the rights of free speech.
  • When publishing pornographic content.
  • Etc., etc., etc.

As you see, it’s worth taking care of your positive branding on social media and trying to keep the right level of privacy. The Internet can be brutal, there is no mercy. When deciding what to post, let’s take care of our personal branding and therefore other people will come to see your profile.




Big thank you to my amazing peer Scott for his support and proofreading! 🙂

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