How to be an influencer on LinkedIn?

Not that long time ago I wrote an article about influencers in social media Instagrammer – still influencer or billboard with adverts? In consequence of this, I thought it would be good to also look at a more professional channel like LinkedIn. The influencers here are not considered “lifestyle” internet creators. Most likely we’re talking about HR professionals who are actively using LinkedIn to build their professional branding as well as find relevant talents for the organizations they cooperate with. Moreover, we (HR people) can use this place for building an appropriate network for future business needs. The content will be slightly different than on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. Apart from the HR population, LinkedIn is a very good source for business development activities, however today I won’t be talking about this part. Let’s focus then on steps to follow to become a trusted LinkedIn influencer for HR purposes.

“If it’s not shown, it’s simply not done.”

We need to remember that we exist in a cut-throat competitive environment. Especially in the recruitment area, where we are in a kind of contest where companies and recruiters are participating in a race to identify relevant candidate faster than the others. This encourages us to see how important is to keep running in this intense competition and fast-growing market. We need to have access to all kind of mediums. Online presence has become evidence of your existence. So what is your recipe for LinkedIn?

LinkedIn posting – tips and tricks

  • Start with building a relevant network – candidates who are in your target group.
  • Create content that is valuable and relevant to your network.
  • Start with a mind-blowing first line – first 3 lines to gain attention.
  • Long story short – avoid essays.
  • Hashtags for keywords – find the ones people are using.
  • Attract post with picture or video – BUT remember it is not Instagram nor Facebook!
  • Avoid using links to off-site content in LinkedIn posts. Add the link you are sharing as the first comment, after the post.
  • Post consistently, no more than 20 times per month, but no less than once a week.
  • Post to attract comments and respond to each comment you receive.
  • Re-sharing doesn’t seem to work as well as sharing using “likes” and attributing credit.
  • Best hours for posting: morning (8:00-10:00), lunch break (12:00-14:00), after work (17:00-18:00)
  • Likes and shares will not pay your bills, focus on RESULTS (views and interaction to your posts or applicants).
  • Reach out to your network and get help from friends/colleagues with early engagement (within the first 1-2 hours) on your posts.
  • Rapid engagement on your posts matters to the LinkedIn algorithm.
  • Tagging relevant people on LinkedIn makes sense to increase engagement, but avoid tag stuffing.
  • Company pages have way better analytics and SEO benefits, so use them interchangeably with your posts.
  • Articles are indexed by search engines (good) but are not promoted to your audience by LinkedIn (bad) the way posts are.
  • Give engagement to people in your network – like and comment post of other people in your network (it will payback).

LinkedIn – messages and pokes/push to candidates

  • Start with great subject lines
  • Mention the candidate’s name or personal achievements
  • Keep your message short and sweet
  • Get rid of your personal introduction
  • Kill the generic flattery
  • Make sure you get to the point quickly
  • Go for quality over quantity
  • Make the next step clear
  • Make sure you follow up
  • No one wants to appear pushy
  • No one likes getting rejected
  • KISS – keep it simple stupid


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